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Still a little unsure?

Thank you for considering EARtrak's online hearing aid satisfaction survey process.

We noticed that you reviewed the information and special offers from our last message, but you havenot yet joined the EARtrak movement.

Perhaps you're still unsure?

That's okay. Here are the questions most frequently asked by people like you before they hit the Buy Now button!

For your peace of mind:

Q. My administration team doesn't have time for extra work.

A. That's why we've streamlined the EARtrak process.

If you can do these things*:

  1. Generate a list of patients you fitted six months ago
  2. Assign each patient a unique ID number
  3. Send each patient an email requesting their feedback
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 each month....

Then we'll do the rest!

*PS Did you know that most practice management software programs can help you with these steps?

Q. I do my own surveys. Why should I use EARtrak?

 A. That means you already recognize the importance and value of listening to your patients. Congratulations.

EARtrak is independent, which means that your patients will give more open and honest feedback.

EARtrak benchmarks your practice so you can see how well you are performing compared to your industry peers.

And EARtrak is much easier than DIY surveys because we do the hard work of data entry, analysis and reporting. 

Q. My patients don't complain so why should I measure their outcomes?

   A. Sadly, that means that you can't help them anymore.

Giving your patients a voice is one more way of demonstrating your care and commitment to your patients and will help build loyalty.

Q. How will measuring patient outcomes help me build my practice?

A. EARtrak is both a continous quality improvement tool and a powerful marketing message.

Measuring patient outcomes with hearing aid satisfaction surveys gives you valuable data for strengthening processin your practice. You don't need to rely on gut intuition when you have practice-based evidence to guide your continuous quality improvement processes.

Simply using an independent outcomes measurement tool such as EARtrak sends a very strong message to your current and potential clients and referral sources about your commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes.

Q. My practice can't afford EARtrak. I think we are too small/large for your service.

A. EARtrak's pricing structure is both affordable and fair whether you are a sole practitioner or a very large practice with multiple sites because after you pay the low annual registration fee, you only pay for surveys which are returned to EARtrak for processing. You are not paying for packs of surveys which may or may not be used.

Q. How can I be sure that my patient information always remains confidential? Is EARtrak HIPAA compliant?

A. You assign each of your patients a unique ID number. That number is the only identification information that EARtrak receives about your patients.

Q. What about my practice results? Are they confidential as well?

A. Yes. EARtrak never shares your individual practice results with anyone else. Data from all practices is aggregated for benchmark reporting. 

Q. EARtrak is an online service but I'm not sure that my patients will fill out an online survey.

A. Various studies show that the number of older people using the internet is continually on the rise. In fact, some of those same studies also show that using the internet is good for the social and emotional well being of older people.

Q. Is it safe for me to pay via your website?

A. Yes. All online payments are actually processed through PayPal's secure payment gateway. You can pay by credit card and you don't even need a PayPal account.

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